Lindbergh's Weekend Home Near Hopewell, New Jersey

Overhead View of Lindbergh Estate Near Hopewell, New Jersey

Lindbergh was unprepared for the attention that accompanied his fame. He and his wife were constantly hounded by the press, and the more reclusive and uncooperative they became, the more intense became the scrutiny of them. Despite his father-in-law's advice to accept the intrusions into his private life, Lindbergh was determined to escape from the tabloid-type journalism —known at the time as "yellow journalism" —as well as the broad coverage that respectable newspapers of the day expended on his and Anne's every movement.

To escape, he built a house on a 390-acre tract in a remote area of New Jersey, near the small town of Hopewell. He and Anne and their child lived at the Morrow estate in Englewood, New Jersey, staying weekends at their recently completed house in Hopewell. Normally, they would return to Englewood on Monday mornings, but, on the last weekend of February, they decided to stay over for another day or two, because the baby had a cold.

by Russell Aiuto
Lindbergh residence, Hopewell - nursery window on second floor with one shutter closed

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"Highfields" is Now a Boys Home

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'Highfields' is Now a Boys Home