Timeline:  Courtesy of the Library of Congress

March 1 Charles A. Lindbergh Jr. taken from his nursery--- --------------- 11
March 2 Lindbergh announces willingness to pay ransom---- -----------16
March 3 Betty Gow, nurse, other servants questioned----------- -----------333
March 4 Henry Johnson arrested, later released---------------------------32
March 6 Al Capone offers help in return for release from prison------------33
March 7 Dr. Condon offers to act as go-between------------------------36
March 9 Dr. Condon visits Hopewell with letters from kidnappers----------37
March 10 First series of newspaper ads signed "Jafsie" appears -----------38
March 12 Dr. Condon talks with "John" on park bench---------------------41
April 2----Condon and Lindbergh pay $50,000 ransom to kidnappers at St.
Raymond's Cemetery in the Bronx-------------------------------46
April 3-4--Lindbergh searches for "boad Nelly"---------- ---------50
April 6-----Washington sends numbers of ransom bills to banks------------51
April 13----John H. Curtis, Norfolk Va. negotiator, announces baby safe----51
April 25-----Fruitless search for baby off Norfolk, Va. coast---- ------------51
May 12-----Body of Charles A. Lindbergh Jr. found in shallow grave
two miles from the house---------------------------- ------51
June 10-----Violet Sharpe, maid in Morrow home, commits suicide--------56
June---------John H. Curtis, convicted of obstructing justice by
pretending he was in contact with kidnappers----------------54
June----------Gaston B. Means, convicted of swindling Mrs. Evelyn Walsh
Mc Lean out of $104,000, pretending he could return baby------51
June----------Anna Hauptmann visits Gennany -----------------8-------------- 81
August 16--Second Lindbergh baby born--------------------------------------56

Dec. 2-----Farewell party for Isidore Fish in Hauptmann home------------101

March 29----Fish dies in hospital in Leipzig, Germany--------------------74
Sept. 15------Hauptmann passes $10 ransom gold note at gas station---------72
Sept. 19-----Hauptmann arrested with $20 ransom note in wallet-----------69
Sept. 20-25--$14,600 of ransom money found in Hauptmann's garage-----76
Oct. 15------Extradition trial begins in Bronx County Court--------------77

January 2---Hauptmann's trial begins in Flemington, NJ.-------------87
Jan. 24------Hauptmann testifies in his own defense-------------------98
Feb. 13-------Hauptmann convicted of murder without recommendation
for mercy------------------------       ----   -    103
Oct. 9-------Court of Errors and Appeals denies Hauptmann's appeal---103
Dec. 5------Governor Harold Hoffman interviews Hauptmann,
doubts case solved-------------------------------103
Dec. 22------Colonel and Mrs. Lindbergh sail for England with son Jon--103

Jan. 16-------Gov. Hoffman grants Hauptmann 30 day reprieve----------103
March 30-----Court of Pardons again refuses clemency---------------103
April 3---------Bruno Richard Hauptmann executed---------------------103

Library of Congress subject headings for this publication: Lindbergh, Charles Augustus, 1930-1932 Kidnapping, 1932, Lindbergh, Charles A, (Charles Augustus), 1902-1974, Hauptmann, Bruno Richard, 1899-1936, Kidnapping New Jersey Hopewell, Murder New Jersey Hopewell, Trials (Kidnapping) New Jersey Flemington, Trials (Murder) New Jersey Flemington